SimDE™ WAVEFORM  Release 201709 

- Multi-Format Waveform Viewer with Analysis Capabilities and Very Low Cost

Supporting both Windows and Linux OS!

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Signal Integrity and design engineers deal with Waveforms and Signals every day. An effective and powerful waveform and signal post-processing tool is important for increasing working efficiency and capability for your next high-speed system design.

SimDE™ WAVEFORM is a utility tool designed for Signal Integrity analysis and signal processing. It provides a working environment and a large number of advanced analysis functionalities. These include advanced IBIS model analysis, signal and waveform viewing, preset and programmable SI analysis, and a unique signal and waveform comparison capability. The SimDE WAVEFORM is powerful and easy to use. It provides a direct and visual way to develop signal processing designs, to verify waveform post procedure, and to do customized measurement and processing in Signal Integrity analysis.


DDR2 Standard-Compliant Analysis Application Module

SimDE™ WAVEFORM provides an easy to use DDR2 standard-compliant analysis application module for your DDR2 design signal analysis. It can even take your scope data or simulation data (HSpice, PCB SI, Hyperlnx, etc.). The main functionalities are:

  • DDR2 SI and Timing Analysis
  • Comprehensive slew measurement and automatic derating table calculation
  • DDR2 Spec setup and load, save as capabilities
  • Flexible waveform set-up systems to define the usages in your DDR2 systems
  • Automatic DDR2 analysis report
  • Multi-format waveform support
  • Standard-Compliant validation
  • Complete Eye diagram / Aperture / Jitter Distribution views

 IBIS Model Analysis Application Module

SimDE™ WAVEFORM provides an IBIS model analysis application module for easy and visual IBIS buffer model inspections. The capabilities include:

  • Selective loading IBIS buffers
  • Provides the same reference curve view for loaded buffers
  • Auto-generated HIGH, LOW and OPEN state curves
  • Auto detection for referred Submodel
  • Report for non-monotonic, loadline and on-die termination
  • Project module save, save as and open functionalities.


Multi-format/functional Signal/Waveform Viewer

SimDE™ WAVEFORM can load many different format signal and waveform files from the tools as well as from the scopes, texts and Microsoft Excel files etc. It has very high performance loading features and very low cost. It is a good replacement tool for other waveform viewing tools.
It can load:

  • Synopsis HSpice outputs: .tr#, .ac#, sw#, .lis
  • Cadence PCB SI output: .sim
  • SiSoft QSI output: .csd
  • Mentor Hyperlnx output: .csv
  • Touchstone S-parameter: .snp(.s?p)
  • Mentor Eldo output: .chi
  • Cadence Spectre PSF ASCII output: .tran
  • LTSPICE ASCII output: .raw
  • TISpice3 output: .prt
  • Agilent Scope Date file: .txt
  • Tektronics Scope Date file: .txt
  • LeCroy Scope Data file: .dat
  • MS Excel: .csv
  • Other text formats:, .dat, .txt

It can output:

  • Cadence PCB SI .sim
  • Excel .csv
  • SignalMeth .iom

It also contains built-in analysis viewing capabilities, such as:

  • Eye diagrams
  • FFT with Modulus, Real/Imaginary and Angle views
  • Named Eye Mask View with auto-fitted function
  • Named Threshold View
  • Automatic DDR2/DDR3 Aperture View
  • Jitter Distribution View
  • Standard measurements
  • Free draw
  • Free style defined View
  • Pan View
  • Full-functional Granularity Control
  • Easy Grid Control
  • Tree Structure View for HSpice and TouchStone files


Comprehensive Eye Mask/Aperture/Jitter Distribution Viewing

SimDE™ WAVEFORM has comprehensive viewing features for automatic Eye Masks and Apertures as well as Jitter Distributions. It allows users to name a setting and save it for future usage. 




Basic Waveform Search Functionalities

SimDE™ WAVEFORM provides basic waveform search functionalities for searching waveform points by CrossX and Y on rising and falling edges with specific region setting, etc.


Convenient Spice Stimulus Generator

SimDE™ WAVEFORM has a built-in Spice Stimulus Generator for creating Spice stimulus subcircuit (.subckt, HSpice compatible). User can pick pre-coded bit schemes (PRBS, 8b/10b) or manipulate a customized bit stream. It allows user to define UI, rising/falling edge time, delay time, bit length and levels, random jitter, PRBS seeds, etc.  It can be defined for single-ended or differential-ended stimulus even with a boost driver stimulus for pre-emphasis. The bit stream can also be displayed for coding, jitter checking and other purposes.

Slope Measurement

A straight-forward slope measurement capability to make your complex measurement easy. (Displayed to the left)


Unique Signal/Waveform Comparison functionality

SimDE™ WAVEFORM includes a built-in GUI based Signal and Waveform Comparison functionality, by comparing two signals and waveforms quantitatively. The differential Index (DI)* can indicate the difference between two signals and waveforms to give designers and engineers a clear idea what the signal quality is. It also enables tool automation's to optimize designs.
Signal and Waveform Comparison command-line executable and DLL are available for the integration with other tools.


Built-in Signal/Waveform Manipulation functionality

SimDE™ WAVEFORM contains many calculation functions, such as +, -, *. /, exp. x^y, sqrt, log, ln, 1/x and abs, min/max, etc. for signal/waveform manipulations. 

Operating System Requirement:

Windows Vista/XP/Win2000 or Linux Redhat 4/5; 700MHz CPU or higher; 128MB RAM minimum.



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